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How to use CBD oilCBD is an incredible natural product that can help you live your best life. More scientific studies are published every day in support of hemp CBD benefits. From effective, alternative pain treatment to better sleep without dangerous pills, CBD hemp oil extract and its main active ingredient, CBD, can be an excellent therapeutic addition to your daily routine. Enliven Essentials wants to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more about the different ways you can take CBD oil and how this super cannabinoid can help families, athletes, and even pets!

We here at Enliven Essentials have heard from many of our clients about all the ways CBD oil has helped them, from the relieving of anxiety and pain to encouraging deep, restful sleep. We want the benefits of CBD to be available to everyone, which is why we offer a range of CBD products for every lifestyle. Are you ready to introduce full-spectrum hemp CBD oil into your life and live better? Try these # different methods and find what works for you

What is the best way to take CBD oil

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If you have the patience for slow-acting but long-lasting effects, a great way to try CBD is to take our CBD pain cream or coming soon CBD balms! This can be applied to your skin like lotion for targeted CBD effects. Do you experience localized pain or inflammation? You can apply our pain cream right where it hurts for relief without the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen and get nice absorption from the cream. CBD balms are also very popular. We focus on using the top ingredients to help absorption into the skin. We currently make two strengths CBD pain creams and have a CBD balms coming soon. Stay tuned for more topical CBD and ways to use your new topical solution.


Sublingual CBD oil – or under the tongue – application is another fast, direct form of delivery with solid absorption. The CBD oil is absorbed through the membranes of your mouth and into your bloodstream without the time delay or lost potency of ingestion. When you eat or swallow CBD oil, it experiences what’s called “first-pass metabolism”, which can reduce the effects of our CBD products. CBD oil Sublingual application surpasses this step for a more effective delivery. Order our essential CBD oil, place a drop or two under your tongue, wait 60–90 seconds, and then swallow. This way is a great CBD option if you have trouble taking pills or other forms of medication, plus it has a great taste. CBD tincture is the most popular method to take CBD right now. Other methods we will continue to discuss.


Vaping CBD is the fastest way to introduce CBD to your system, so you can feel its effects within minutes. When you choose vaping, CBD is absorbed through the large surface area of your lungs and enters your bloodstream, all without the unwanted side effects of smoking. If you already have a vaping device, you can add our full-spectrum CBD vape cartridge to most vape hardware. We also offer our own CBD vape pen with 250 milligrams of active CBD ready to go out of the box. See if vaping is for you.


Hemp CBD benefits in humans are well documented, but what about CBD for our furry friends? The benefits stem from its interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a system found in all mammals, including dogs and cats. There is plenty of scientific evidence backing up the role of ECS in regulating pain, inflammation, appetite, mood, appetite and much more, so it follows that our pets could also benefit from full-spectrum CBD dog snacks. It’s important to remember that while there is little if any medical research on the benefits or downsides of CBD, but there are mountains of anecdotal evidence to the efficacy of high-CBD products. We also have a CBD dog powder available for sprinkling on top of your dogs food is a great way to get the the effects of CBD with any of your dogs meals.


One of the most versatile ways to add CBD to your life is to add it to your diet! Enliven Essentials offers many options that are easy to incorporate CBD products into your lifestyle. Try our delicious vegan dark chocolate with 10 milligrams of active CBD. Ingesting hemp products is not always as effective as other methods of delivery because it takes time for it to be metabolized and it can lose potency through first-pass metabolism. 


If you have never tried CBD before, it can be hard to know where to start. Remember that – regardless of what method of delivery you choose – you should start with a low dose and increase your intake slowly over time until you find what makes you comfortable this way you don't overdue it. We are not doctors or physicians here at Enliven Essentials, so we encourage you to do your own research and talk with your healthcare practitioner about how to best incorporate CBD into your life, whether it be tinctures or any other way. If you have any questions about our CBD full-spectrum products, contact us today!


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The popularity of CBD products is skyrocketing, and the scientific research supporting their claims is finally starting to catch up. The inspiring story of Charlotte Figi and how CBD helped her bounce back from a debilitating medical condition has garnered more attention than ever (1). More evidence is published every day to support the role CBD plays in everything from pain and inflammation relief to a reduction in anxiety or insomnia, and many parents are asking themselves: can CBD help their families?


There is a lot of misinformation and public stigma around CBD oil that can make it hard to know if what you’re learning is accurate. Here at Enliven Essentials, we encourage you to do your research, and we work hard to give you honest, trustworthy information. First things first: CBD is not the same thing as marijuana and you are not getting your child high when you give them our products! We use full-spectrum created from low-THC, high-CBD plants, so you and your family can experience the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive side effects. Our products are legal and contain less than 1% THC, the ingredient encouraged in high concentrations in most marijuana plants. Using full-spectrum also means that our products contain not only therapeutic CBD, but also other vitamins, terpenes, and beneficial compounds found in cannabis.

 Take topical CBD oil tinctures that taste greatA SAFE, NATURAL SOLUTION

Do you worry about giving your kids powerful pharmaceutical drugs with potentially nasty side effects? CBD is potentially a natural solution to many conditions, and studies on the safety and side effects show that CBD is most likely safe for everyone, even in high doses and with extended use (2). Especially if your other methods are dangerous NSAIDs or opioids, CBD is an alternative treatment without the possibility of addiction. Here at Enliven Essentials, our products are third party tested for quality and safety so we can ensure that you are getting the best possible full-spectrum CBD. Every product is clearly labeled with the amount of active CBD per serving, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Enliven Essentials cares about you and your family, and we feel it is important to point out that there are few medical studies on CBD therapy for children and any potential long-term side effects. Restrictions on cannabis, a plant from which CBD oil can be extracted, have made extensive research next to impossible. If you have concerns about treating your children with CBD, we encourage you to speak to your pediatrician or health practitioner. You can also contact us at any time for more information about our products.


CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, a natural element of the human body that operates much like our nervous system (3). The endocannabinoid system – or ECS – has been well researched and found to affect our experience of pain, inflammation, anxiety, as well as mood, appetite, digestive tract and more! As we mentioned, there are few studies in humans to directly support the use of CBD oil in treating symptoms connected to your endocannabinoid system, but you can find thousands of testimonials from people CBD has helped. Enliven Essentials can’t make any medical claims or recommendations, but we can report the powerful responses that made national headlines from families across the country who have seen the amazing effects of CBD oil! Families of children with epilepsy report reduced seizures, better sleep, and improved mood with CBD therapy (4). CBD oil also has scientific support for its anti-anxiety properties and improvement of sleep quality, from patients with social anxiety disorder to this case study of a child with PTSD (5)(6)(7). Has CBD helped your family? Let us know and spread the word on social media!


In the end, it is up to you as a parent to decide what is best for your family. Enliven Essentials is here to provide a wide selection of CBD products to fit your needs and accurate, credible information so you can make an informed choice. Explore our website to learn more about CBD, how it works, and the benefits that can come with CBD therapy. Talk to the healthcare professionals in your life about how to best add CBD oil into your family’s routine and try one of our high-quality products today!


Does your dog experience anxiety when it comes to thunderstorms or fireworks? Does your cat have bad back or joint pain? You can find thousands of stories from dedicated pet owners who found CBD oil to be an amazing solution , whether it helped prevent seizures in cases of serious epilepsy or renewed life and energy in pets with a terminal illness. A survey of hundreds of pet owners found that many of them used CBD products to help their dogs and cats, often for conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian (8). Many of them also said their vet reacted positively to their use of CBD!

CBD oil snacks for dogs TRY OUR CBD PET TREATS TODAY!

If your vet expresses hesitation and concern when you ask about using CBD products, remember that there are severe restrictions on the use and study of CBD. Vets simply can’t make any research-based suggestions. The future of CBD  in science and medicine is very optimistic, however, and many pet owners can attest to its health benefits and effectiveness. So can Enliven Essential’s Chief Dog, Bruce! Help the pets you love live their best lives, too, with our CBD pet snacks! Some owner like to even give their dogs the CBD tinctures. There is a many methods to incorporate CBD into your dogs life.


Before you offer your cat or dog CBD, keep in mind that it will affect pets differently than it affects humans. Your dog or cat is much smaller than a human being and can only metabolize so much at a time. Enliven Essentials’ pet snacks contain one milligram of CBD in each biscuit, and we recommend no more than two biscuits a day. Start with one biscuit at first and observe your pet’s comfort level — too much CBD can make them sick. THC is toxic to dogs and cats, and while we here at Enliven Essentials only use CBD from low-THC, high-CBD plants, there is a risk. For more information, read the ingredients and instructions for our CBD pet snacks or contact us today!

There is a variety of ways to take CBD oil for dogs



When you’re an athlete, your body takes a beating. Pushing your limits takes its toll whether you play a full-contact sport like football or if it’s just you and the track. CBD can help you stay on top of your game in a variety of ways. Whether you’re a professional or a student athlete, an ultra-marathoner or a weekend warrior, you need to know how cannabinoids like CBD for athletes can benefit you.


What is “CBD”? That’s probably what you’re wondering if you’re new to this website and this industry. The first thing you should know is that CBD is not the same thing as marijuana. CBD and CBD can come from the same source, cannabis, but there is a major difference between what you might have seen in someone’s college dorm and our products here at Enliven Essentials. Most marijuana is made from cannabis plants that are high in THC. Enliven’s CBD  products are made from hemp plants bred for high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. That means you get all the benefits without the psychoactive effect. Explore our blog to learn more! Make sure you get your products from a reliable source.


Because CBD can come from cannabis, it can often be swept up into rules and regulations about marijuana. Fortunately, the distinction is becoming increasingly clear as new scientific research comes to light and word spreads about the benefits of CBD. Restrictions on CBD will depend on the governing body of your sport, but the World Anti-Doping Agency recently took cannabidiol off their list of banned substances for 2018 (9). They recently also raised the levels of THC CBD they will accept, so you don’t have to worry about the trace amounts of THC left in our products.

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The cannabinoids in CBD can help make life better in a lot of ways, but for athletes, the benefits you’ll look for most will probably be pain and inflammation relief. Several American athletes and people around the world have attested to the reduced pain and inflammation that come with CBD use. CBD can possibly offer a safe way to pain reducing alternative so you can avoid NSAIDs and highly addictive opioids, and reduced inflammation and lead to faster recovery from injuries. CBD is also an excellent sleep aid and can reduce game-day anxiety without the lingering depressive effects of other medications. There is even more reason for athletes to take CBD.


CBD is gaining traction as a supplement and alternative pain treatment among athletes thanks to many who have stepped forward to speak in support of products like CBD. UFC fighter Nate Diaz openly used CBD in the form of a vape pen in a post-fight conference and explained its uses. Several NFL players have also spoken out in defense of CBD, including Eugene Monroe and Derrick Morgan. Both have joined a campaign called When the Bright Lights Fade, which is pushing for research on how cannabinoids can help victims of brain injury (10,11). More research and review is published every day on the positive effects of CBD, and in the near future products will likely become an accepted part of mainstream medicine. There has been more talk though-out the other major sports organizations about researching the impact of CBD would have on athletes for pregame warm up and post game recovery. Each year more Pro athletes speak publicly about how they personally gained from CBD.


Double check the rules and regulations for your sport in your local area and try CBD products from Enliven Essentials today! CBD cream and Extra strength CBD cream are great choices for athletes, because you can apply it directly to injuries for targeted pain treatment. Essential CBD oil is another great choice for an easy, versatile, and fast-acting form of CBD delivery. If you’re new to using CBD, remember to start small and slowly increase your dosage. Talk to your doctor or health practitioner for advice on how to best incorporate CBD into your life.

A variety of ways athletes can take CBD and review CBD

CBD and CBD have far-reaching studies for everyone, from professional athletes to young children and even your beloved family pets. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or just want a natural solution for reduced anxiety and better sleep, Enliven Essentials is here to provide a wide selection of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products. Try our Essential Oil for an easy addition to your daily routine or our vegan dark chocolate squares for a delicious dessert with 10 milligrams of active CBD per square! We here at Enliven Essentials just want to improve your everyday experience with easy, natural products that have helped hundreds of people across America. Explore our full collection of CBD products today!


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