About Us

Our Family:

Us? It's really about you! But if you want to know about us here it is. We are a New York family owned business. CBD oil has benefited many members of our family before we opened our company. However, their was a problem in the market, QUALITY. Most products out there, were lacking in quality or were just plain too expensive. That is when we realized the opportunity. We can help so many people like ourselves not just with the product but with quality at the right price. Just because CBD is so in demand does not mean it should be a fortune! So we created Enliven Essentials. CBD infused products with premium quality at affordable prices.

Our Beliefs: 

 We believe in quality.

We believe in effectiveness.

We believe in our client's happiness and quality of life.

We believe in customer service.

Give us a try and you will believe it too! 

Our Mission:

We only deliver top of the line CBD products for our family and customers to enjoy and benefit from. Why? Because there is nothing better than trying to run a business that helps people every single day in the process. That is our mission.

So relax or take some CBD then relax and enjoy Enliven Essentials. Were here for you.

Some of the Fam.

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