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August 01, 2018 2 min read

Known for its wide range of therapeutic properties, CBD or cannabinoid is at the center of legal controversies, with lawmakers trying their hardest to get CBD legalized in all 50 states, succeeding in 46 states so far.

CBD has proven remarkable in addressing some of the most challenging health conditions like chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, insomnia and more.

In spite of that, there are many not aware of the benefits that CBD presents. In fact, some are even misinformed about the hemp product.

We’re here to set the record straight!

7 things you should not believe about CBD

Misconceptions about CBD

· CBD is Psychoactive

In comparison to marijuana that contains THC (the primary cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive reaction), CBD has low levels of this compound. More accurately speaking, CBD can be referred to as a non-intoxicating and safer alternative.

· CBD is a Sedative

While CBD does have relaxing properties, it is in no way a sedative.

· CBD Cures Various Diseases

So far, research has proven that cannabinoid has numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties. However, CBD is not meant to be taken as a singular medical product. While CBD does indeed alleviate pain, it is not a miracle worker.

· CBD and Medical Marijuana are the same

  • CBD from hemp is NOT marijuana.It is made from cannabis plants, but not the kind that end up in dispensaries. Hemp is a specific species that is used in many different ways, from rope and paper to the hemp seed oil you can find in grocery and wellness stores.

· CBD Blocks Receptors in the Brain

Some argue that CBD could be a CB1 antagonist i.e. it prevents activation of the CB1 receptor. However, basic research shows that CBD does not produce any such adverse effects.

· High Doses of CBD work better

Not true. In fact, clinicians and medical experts suggest that CBD is more effective in lower doses, specifically those recommended by a professional.

· CBD Oil Could be Illegal

 Although the vast majority of CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp, there are some producers who are manufacturing oil from the marijuana plant, which is federally illegal. The best way to ensure that you’re receiving legal CBD oil is by choosing the right source in the first place.

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