CBD Vaping – All the Basics You Need to Know

July 03, 2018 2 min read

Vaping CBD is perhaps one of the best ways to consume this potentially powerful supplement for pain relief. However, it hasn’t become as common a method as it should. Yet, seeing its potential as a much easier way for using CBD, we believe it’s best if people know the process.

This is why we asked a leading purveyor of CBD products, Enliven Essentials, to provide us with the basics!

A Note on its popularity

Vaping CBD gives your body instant access to the concentrate, leading to a quicker, cleaner effect. Keep in mind that any edible form of CBD takes about 30 minutes to take effect.

Now, for those who aren’t as used to CBD, they may argue that eliminating those 30 minutes isn’t exactly a good excuse to vape.

However, it can at times be a lifesaver, especially for those who need CBD to treat anxiety or panic attacks, chronic pain or even seizures.

Introduction to CBD Vaping

How Do You Vape CBD Oil?

Let’s start with the basic options. You can vape using a CBD vape pen or a CBD vape juice which is fitted in a vaporizer.

CBD pens are usually the best options for vaping, since the instrument is discreet and can be used whenever you want. Vape pens are accompanied by cartridges, which can be replaced or refilled. All you’ll need is a supplier who can offer you the right CBD cartridge and you’ll be set for a long time.

Vaporizers can be fitted with pre-flavored juices and additives. Whereas the first option can simply be fitted in the device and used immediately, you may need to add the additive to an existing non-CBD vape juice.

The Best Option

Vape pens give a milder experience, so you can pretty much vape CBD without worrying about any issues. Vaping using CBD juices and a vaporizer should only be tried by those who’ve gotten used to vaping, since the experience will be more enhanced. It should also be noted that in comparison, vaporizers are more expensive than the simple vape pen.

CBD Absorption

There’s a certain element of increased bioavailability when it comes to vaping CBD. Since you’re consuming it directly into your body, the CBD will be able to reach your lungs and go directly into the bloodstream. This is more suitable when compared to consumption through oral medicine, since the CBD doesn’t exactly contribute to your body once it goes through the digestive system and liver. According to basic science, when you consume CBD, around only 15% of the quantity reaches your bloodstream, with the rest of it being passed through.

Buying CBD Products

If you truly want to reap the benefits of CBD through vaping, we suggest that you buy CBD cartridgesfrom a reliable source, such as Enliven Essentials. Offering a select line of CBD products onlineincluding oilsand products for inflammation, arthritisand pain relief, Enliven Essentialsensures you that you have the best quality CBD for your health!


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