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July 04, 2018 2 min read

Cannabinoid oil is becoming one of the most popular remedies for pain relief. Considered by some to be a more effective (and safer) alternative than your usual painkillers, CBD oil is largely used by patients who suffer from chronic pain and immune system issues.


However, considering that CBD oil is such an effective natural remedy, it’s surprising that not many people use it for other health purposes as well.

As a purveyor of CBD products including CBD oil, we feel that it is our duty to inform the masses about the manyeffects of CBD oil and how they affect our body and mind!

The Basic Benefits of CBD

- CBD Has Anti-Seizure Properties

A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine has confirmed the effects of CBD medication on patients suffering from seizures. According to the study, patients who used CBD to lessen their seizure frequency experienced a drop in medium of 38.9 percent.

- CBD fight inflammation

Humans have used cannabis to treat many conditions over the years, and modern medicine is finally starting to catch up. One benefit of cannabidiol that is gaining traction in science is its anti-inflammatory properties. Traditional drugs like opiates, steroids, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can have very serious side effects, especially when used in high doses and over long periods of time. The cannabidiol in hemp extract works with your body in a different way, and there have been no serioussafety concerns or side effects in studies so far.


- CBD Helps Combat Anxiety

Because of the effects of CBD on the paralimbic and limbic brain regions, research found that CBD could also be used to treat physiological symptoms that indicate various health conditions, and this includes several forms of anxiety disorders.

- CBD Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

This benefit is rarely discussed. According to a study conducted on the onset of diabetes in NOD mice, research showed that a significant effect of CBD on diabetes-prone mice. Out of the 100 percent, only 32 percent showed signs of early onset diabetes.

- CBD Benefits Heart Health

CBD is often recommended as a treatment for those with high blood pressure. Because CBD reduces inflammation and cell death, using the supplement for its powerful abilities can lead to a reduction in stress and heart damage.

- CBD reduces Drug Dependence Behavior

This is great news for those who struggle with substance abuse. Several studies show that using CBD allows you to tweak brain circuits, specifically those that lead to drug addiction. The results showed that subjects that used CBD were able to resist their drug-seeking behavior.

- CBD Increases Appetite

Using CBD can greatly reduce your chances of reacting to food sensitivities. There are many diets one can utilize to learn which food can give them a reaction, all with the help of CBD oil.

Reap the Benefits!

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