Hemp Extract Wellness Bundle

Joseph Rosenblatt

Enliven Essentials, a manufacturer of hemp-based products, has developed a line of full body relief products that target the health and wellness consumer. The company has launched the wellness bundle, containing a body healing cream, a pain relief balm, and full body relief gel capsules. Enliven focuses on providing consumers with a great way to enjoy the nutritional and effective benefits of Hemp Extract (cannabidiol) oil. Products containing Hemp Extract are considered to have great therapeutic potential and high nutritional value with a large range of essential amino acids. The products are bundled for the purpose of getting the full body effect that many people are actively seeking. 

We believe that health and wellness are mainly impacted by what we consume and put into our bodies. We also believe that if we do not feel the effect we won’t be too excited about it. We have a line of premium products that will keep our clients excited about their choice of our Hemp Extract products. ” Enliven’s CEO announced. “Feel great! Feel free!”

Enliven’s hemp oil ingredient is derived from naturally-cultivated, food-grade hemp plants that have high levels of Hemp Extract. The company validates the safety of this ingredient through third-party lab testing that analyzes the Hemp Extract to ensure each batch of oil is free of contamination. Consumers of the Enliven product will receive both a safe and quality product.