CBD Vaping—A Short Guide for First Timers

Joseph Rosenblatt
A Short Guide for First Timers

With CBD and all CBD-related products, there are a lot of ways through which you can enjoy its benefits: smoking, capsules and tinctures, etc.

But most popular of all, ‘vaping’ has become the new norm, with many CBD enthusiasts raving about the effectiveness of CBD and how only vaping can help them experience it.

If you’re a fan of CBD yourself who wants to enjoy its benefits to the fullest by vaping CBD, here’s a simple guide you can follow.

CBD Vaping: The Basic Ins and Outs

The Popularity of CBD Vaping

Before we give you the gist of it all, let’s answer a very common question: why has vaping CBD become so popular?

The answer to this is the oil. Whereas CBD has somewhat of a muted effect if you consume it through gummies or smoking, the effect is almost instantaneous if you vape it. When you vape, the CBD doesn’t stay in your system, waiting to be digested so it can enter the bloodstream.

Instead, it hits the body directly so you’re able to feel the effect within minutes.

So Where Do You Start?

- Choosing the Right Oil

If you’re purchasing a CBD oil cartridge from Enliven Essentials, you’ll get the real deal i.e. full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. However, there are many sources that may confuse you by marketing marijuana-based CBD oil as simple CBD oil. And that is where the problem starts. You want an oil that has low levels of THC (what causes the high), and high levels of CBD. That’s hemp oil. Marijuana oil has high levels of THC which something you don’t need to alleviate your symptoms.

- Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate

Let’s say you choose the full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. The reason why full-spectrum is the best option is because you get to enjoy the full benefits. Full-spectrum CBD oil uses all components of the plant so nothing is left out. CBD isolate is content that is extracted and purified from the plant, kept separate from other cannabinoids that you’d benefit from. While both are fine options, isolate should only be an option for those who are subject to drug testing.

- Choosing a Source for CBD Oil for Vaping

Truth be told, there are many companies out there that offer CBD oil for vaping. But you cannot trust everyone to deliver quality, especially if you need CBD to treat a health condition. In such cases, only a reputable company will suit. You could start by talking to other members in your community who may vape CBD.

However, since you’re here, we can imagine that you’ve made the right decision for your CBD oil source already.

The Bottom Line

Because CBD vape oil is much more discreet, not to mention beneficial for health, we highly recommend that you try it.

Buy CBD vape oil online! Talk to your physician about the best dosage and be sure to follow their instructions. And be sure to follow their advice about increasing dosage when the effects begin to improve your health!