Our Family:

We are a family-owned business based in New York. Hemp extract oil has benefited many members of our family, but we noticed that there was a problem in the market: QUALITY. Most products out there were low quality or were just plain too expensive. That is when we realized that we had the opportunity to make a difference. We could help so many people like ourselves by offering high-quality products at the right price. Hemp extract is in high demand right now, but that doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune! So we created Enliven Essentials to offer premium hemp extract products at affordable prices.

Our Beliefs: 

 We believe in quality.

We believe in effective products.

We believe in our client’s happiness and quality of life.

We believe in customer service.

Give us a try and you will believe it too! 

Our Mission:

We only deliver top-of-the-line hemp extract products for our family and customers. Why? Because we started this business to help people. That is our mission.

So relax and enjoy Enliven Essentials. We’re here for you.

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